Online general tutoring, including NAPLAN preparation, with a qualified teacher and experienced tutor for students in Melbourne and regional Victoria.


I have marked the NAPLAN exam multiple times and have been helping students prepare for the exam via tutoring since 2018. This experience means I can provide guidance around exactly what exam markers are looking for in written responses, and help students develop the skills they need to improve in the areas where they may be struggling.


As a teacher, I have seen time and time again the struggles that many students have with their work habits and study skills. I can help students with the skills they need to succeed at school such as:

  • Effective note-taking
  • How to annotate a text
  • How to improve reading comprehension
  • Revision skills for exam preparation
  • Project planning
  • Writing skills
  • Effective time management skills


If you have any questions or would like to book a time, please get in touch.