One-on-one study skills tutoring with a qualified teacher and experienced tutor. Face-to-face tutoring in Bendigo or via Skype for students in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

If you’d like to discuss if tutoring is right for you or your child, please get in touch so we can chat about your/your child’s needs and goals.

What I offer

Studying doesn’t need to be difficult. There are some key skills that will help you along the way. As an experienced teacher I have seen time and time again the struggles that many student have with their work habits and study skills. I am able to teach the study skills you or your child need to succeed in the classroom. These include:

  • Note taking
  • Annotating
  • Deep reading skills
  • Revision skills and exam preparation
  • Project planning
  • Writing skills
  • Time management and goal setting

The skills in the above list are important to master for success at school no matter what your goal is.