I have taught and tutored English extensively. I have tutored English privately for four years and am currently teaching year 10, 11, and 12 English in my capacity as a school teacher.

I can help with any aspect of English you may be struggling with. This includes, but is not limited to, text response essays, language analysis, film analysis, comparative text analysis, and creative writing. I can also help you improve your general reading and writing skills.

I tailor my tutoring style to the specific needs of each individual student. I pride myself on delivering tutoring that is effective and relevant, and seek always to provide a compassionate, understanding tutoring environment.

My English tutoring accomplishments


As an English teacher & tutor I have:

  • Taken a number of students from a C average at the beginning of year 12 to an A on the final exam.
  • Provided focused, effective guidance to help students improve their weakest area of English, particularly in the areas of language analysis and creative writing.
  • Worked with students to improve their general reading and writing skills.
  • Worked with students to formulate study strategies that worked for their individual needs and goals.
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